08 July 2011

My Summer Job

Okay, so I know a lot of people my age spend their summers working to earn money which they might save for college, a new computer, iPad or other object of their desire. Not me.

For the past twelve summers, since I was five, I have been working in my father's mechanic shop. You know, I really can't complain. I enjoy working on cars. I like being able to diagnose and solve engine problems many girls my age would be floundering to pin down. The routine isn't that bad either; I get up with my family, drop mom off at the hospital, pick up a Press-Citizen, work, take breaks, work, go home.

However, there is ONE catch. I rarely get paid. Granted, it's a family owned business but ya know, getting paid is a good feeling. This summer I have gotten a total of $6.00 US currency for my work thus far. The funny thing is that I really don't want to get paid.

My dad's shop has endured many hardships in the past three years. In 2008 we were flooded by the Iowa River. We did manage to get back on our feet shortly after the waters receded. However, the City of Coralville and Quality Care had some shady deals after the flood which resulted in our being kicked out of our shop location. We had to relocate in 30 days. That was extremely difficult.

Moving all the equipment that I grew up with was an emotional journey. I really don't want to do it again. Now in our new location in Iowa City, it has benefits and disadvantages. The shop building is bigger, that's a plus. But the outside parking is limited, and being a mechanic shop parking is essential. Another disadvantage is that the rent is sky high now. Some months we're barely making enough to cover part costs, let alone rent.

That's the reason I don't want to be paid this summer.I care about my dad and the family business. I'm content just working in the shop.

One last thing that I want to say is this: Please support local small businesses. Many of them are supporting a family, and a way of life. Thank you and enjoy your summer!!! :D

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