04 October 2013

The problem with rain

Today when I got into my building after waking through a heavy downpour I thought I would look amazing like those movie scenes.

Instead, I looked like an unhappy cat fresh from a bath.

27 September 2013

Picard's Method

About to learn about Picard's method in differential equations. That means die before betraying the prime directive, right?


So, my thermodynamics professor has this amazing habit of trowing candy at students who answer questions correctly and participate in class. Unfortunately he's been gone all this week. The replacement we had on Monday and Wednesday was amazing! I feel like I learned so much more and understood the content better. Today we had the original professors grad student. He brought the candy bucket. We learned to fear him.
He threw candy at us, but I'm pretty sure he was using us to practice his minor league pitching technique. He almost killed multiple students. On top of that, he gave is a quiz. Natalie almost cried.
Thermo will kill us all.
Send help.

24 September 2013

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

I had lab the other day. The previous night I had a lot of work to complete in a very limited amount of time. This means I did not complete my pre lab. I showed up and was honest, and they made me do the pre lab.
One hour later I returned and began the lab. I completed it in two hours at the same time as people who had three hours were just finishing.
That's right, I'm brilliant.

College and Sleep

The human body need sleep in order to preform efficiently, this is fact.
In order to efficiently function in college, you need a lot of sleep. This is fact.
College professors don't know this. So they assign twelve hours worth of homework and say: that's due tomorrow by the way.
Thus, college and sleep shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.

23 September 2013


Some people just need to get it together

Person on the Cambus today

Dear Person on the Cambus Today,

I noticed that you were flipping out to your friend today. That caught my attention. Then I saw your textbook. It was 'Introduction to Chemistry'. Really? You're flipping out over Introduction to Chemistry? I fear to see your reaction to Organic Chemistry 2 if you ever make it that far.


Someone Who takes Chemistry Seriously.

13 September 2013

Engineering Math Classes

I'm fairly certain in my math class today we had a mini sex talk. Also a short talk about not becoming a serial killer. This makes me feel so confident in the future. 


Okay. So. I realize that it's been ages since I blogged anything and I kinda want to get into the habit of blogging a little bit each day. That being said, here are some quick and dirty updates:

Summer 2012 I went with the City High Symphony Orchestra on tour in Europe. It was a lot of fun.

Fall 2012: I started my freshman year at the University of Iowa studying Chemical Engineering.

Summer 2013: I worked.

Fall 2013 (now): I am still studying.

And! I know what my senior project will be for engineering. This makes me very excited. However, I realize that it will be the beginning of my dream to change the world and go against the oil industry. So, another reason to keep this blog is as a little bit of safety for my life. I value my life.