08 July 2011

My Summer Job

Okay, so I know a lot of people my age spend their summers working to earn money which they might save for college, a new computer, iPad or other object of their desire. Not me.

For the past twelve summers, since I was five, I have been working in my father's mechanic shop. You know, I really can't complain. I enjoy working on cars. I like being able to diagnose and solve engine problems many girls my age would be floundering to pin down. The routine isn't that bad either; I get up with my family, drop mom off at the hospital, pick up a Press-Citizen, work, take breaks, work, go home.

However, there is ONE catch. I rarely get paid. Granted, it's a family owned business but ya know, getting paid is a good feeling. This summer I have gotten a total of $6.00 US currency for my work thus far. The funny thing is that I really don't want to get paid.

My dad's shop has endured many hardships in the past three years. In 2008 we were flooded by the Iowa River. We did manage to get back on our feet shortly after the waters receded. However, the City of Coralville and Quality Care had some shady deals after the flood which resulted in our being kicked out of our shop location. We had to relocate in 30 days. That was extremely difficult.

Moving all the equipment that I grew up with was an emotional journey. I really don't want to do it again. Now in our new location in Iowa City, it has benefits and disadvantages. The shop building is bigger, that's a plus. But the outside parking is limited, and being a mechanic shop parking is essential. Another disadvantage is that the rent is sky high now. Some months we're barely making enough to cover part costs, let alone rent.

That's the reason I don't want to be paid this summer.I care about my dad and the family business. I'm content just working in the shop.

One last thing that I want to say is this: Please support local small businesses. Many of them are supporting a family, and a way of life. Thank you and enjoy your summer!!! :D

05 July 2011

My life anymore...

Lately I've been feeling 'blue', but I'd rather wear black. I find myself wondering if there is really a reason for everything; pain, fear, emptiness, life. Today as soon as I got home from work I just felt empty, like a meaningless void. Unfortunately this also happened yesterday and the day before that.
It almost feels worse today... Just a few minutes ago I saw a picture of Andrew and I at prom. I miss him so much. I closed my eyes and I could swear I felt his lips brush my hair. That just punched another hole into my chest. I hope this all ends soon.

03 June 2011

Summah vacation woes

So for me, today's the first day of summer vacation. Which means I have one week to prepare for a re-take of the ACT... one week and a day to prepare for like... twenty auditions and performances for band camp. Alot to do... oh well!
I'm really sad too that school is over. It doesn't really seem final. I'm still expecting to go back to class Monday. But oh well. I'm glad that I might still be able to hang out with my friends. I really hope so.
I really can't wait for school and heck week for band to start. I'm pretty excited that I'm section leader again! :). Well, I shall write more later... Insha'Allah

14 May 2011

My Birthday

For my birthday, my parents got me the best present ever. Yellow neon socks. No joke, that beat out my noise canceling headphones. I love these socks. They make me feel so awesome. I know that's hipster of me, but I think that everyone should own a pair of neon yellow socks. I loved the reaction of my friend, Tony, when he saw or rather was blinded by them! Then again, the noise canceling headphones are equally as awesome, so now I can listen to the album Conditions by The Temper Trap without annoying 'outside' sounds! EPIC WIN!!!


Prom was really fun! I thought I wouldn't have a lot of fun at it, but my mind was definitely changed! The prom was hosted at the Bella Sala in Tiffin. What really made the night enjoyable was being able to spend it with my boyfriend of eight months.
The party after was just as good if not better than the prom. I got to play pool with Andrew, my boyfriend, from midnight to four in the morning. Best. Morning. Ever. I am definitely doing prom again next year. What was your High School prom experience like?

02 May 2011

Solo Contest

Well I got the results back on the contest. I got a perfect score on my solo!!!! :D I'm really happy about that. The clarinet sextet got a 38/40 which is also pretty awesome! I am really glad that I actually did well for the contest and didn't mess up a lot! Now if only I can let my awesomeness in the music world spill over into the academic world! :/

27 April 2011

My awesome day today

Okay, so my solo during the contest was really AWESOME! I can't believe that I did that well on my solo. What made the contest even more amazing was the the clarinet sextet was chosen for the Honors Recital tomorrow night! I also got back my ACT score today and it was much better than I thought I'd get. I got a 31, without any studying and in between musical nights! I was expecting a 27 but yay!! I really hope I got a superior rating on my solo. Until tomorrow!

26 April 2011

Ensemble Contest

Well, this morning, the clarinet ensemble (sextet) went very well. Granted there were some little errors but overall we totally killed it (in a good way)! Now I'm even more nervous for my solo tomorrow morning. But I know that no matter how bad I may be, at least I tried my hardest and have no one to blame but myself. Yep. I am really going to try to kick butt tomorrow. The only downside: both today and tomorrow I must wear a dress all day at school. Oh well!

25 April 2011


So what really made prom so special in the first place? All you do is go around in a fancy dress (or tux) and maybe dance. Is it just the fact that you're with friends? I dunno. But I will definitely find out this year. Yep. I'm going to prom this year. Fun! Finally got a dress. Now I just wait for two weeks. fun. I'm overjoyed. :D

Crazy week

My week will be really crazy! Tuesday and Wednesday I perform in a 'contest' at my school. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the clarinet sextet and Wednesday is my solo. I really hope I don't completely mess up my solo. This year I aim to get a division 1 rating. So that means that I must dress up two days this week for school :( oh well!
Other than that, I will have a fairly okay week. I really look forward to Friday... NO SCHOOL!!!! Yay! I only hope I can make it until then. Wish me luck!