14 May 2011

My Birthday

For my birthday, my parents got me the best present ever. Yellow neon socks. No joke, that beat out my noise canceling headphones. I love these socks. They make me feel so awesome. I know that's hipster of me, but I think that everyone should own a pair of neon yellow socks. I loved the reaction of my friend, Tony, when he saw or rather was blinded by them! Then again, the noise canceling headphones are equally as awesome, so now I can listen to the album Conditions by The Temper Trap without annoying 'outside' sounds! EPIC WIN!!!


Prom was really fun! I thought I wouldn't have a lot of fun at it, but my mind was definitely changed! The prom was hosted at the Bella Sala in Tiffin. What really made the night enjoyable was being able to spend it with my boyfriend of eight months.
The party after was just as good if not better than the prom. I got to play pool with Andrew, my boyfriend, from midnight to four in the morning. Best. Morning. Ever. I am definitely doing prom again next year. What was your High School prom experience like?

02 May 2011

Solo Contest

Well I got the results back on the contest. I got a perfect score on my solo!!!! :D I'm really happy about that. The clarinet sextet got a 38/40 which is also pretty awesome! I am really glad that I actually did well for the contest and didn't mess up a lot! Now if only I can let my awesomeness in the music world spill over into the academic world! :/