27 April 2011

My awesome day today

Okay, so my solo during the contest was really AWESOME! I can't believe that I did that well on my solo. What made the contest even more amazing was the the clarinet sextet was chosen for the Honors Recital tomorrow night! I also got back my ACT score today and it was much better than I thought I'd get. I got a 31, without any studying and in between musical nights! I was expecting a 27 but yay!! I really hope I got a superior rating on my solo. Until tomorrow!

26 April 2011

Ensemble Contest

Well, this morning, the clarinet ensemble (sextet) went very well. Granted there were some little errors but overall we totally killed it (in a good way)! Now I'm even more nervous for my solo tomorrow morning. But I know that no matter how bad I may be, at least I tried my hardest and have no one to blame but myself. Yep. I am really going to try to kick butt tomorrow. The only downside: both today and tomorrow I must wear a dress all day at school. Oh well!

25 April 2011


So what really made prom so special in the first place? All you do is go around in a fancy dress (or tux) and maybe dance. Is it just the fact that you're with friends? I dunno. But I will definitely find out this year. Yep. I'm going to prom this year. Fun! Finally got a dress. Now I just wait for two weeks. fun. I'm overjoyed. :D

Crazy week

My week will be really crazy! Tuesday and Wednesday I perform in a 'contest' at my school. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the clarinet sextet and Wednesday is my solo. I really hope I don't completely mess up my solo. This year I aim to get a division 1 rating. So that means that I must dress up two days this week for school :( oh well!
Other than that, I will have a fairly okay week. I really look forward to Friday... NO SCHOOL!!!! Yay! I only hope I can make it until then. Wish me luck!